Ungrateful As Vision Group CEO ‘Kabushenga’, Lawyer Mpanga Unmasked In A Plot To Blackmail Dr. Sudhir – Video

Guys, As the oldage saying goes “feed the dog for three days it will remember u, feed the human being for three years, he will betray you in three days is what happened in this scenario.

We should remember of the days when Mr. Robert Kabushenga the CEO of Vision group as a close friend to City Mogul Dr. Sudhir with the tycoon hosting Vision Group’s Pakasa series at his Kampala Parents School on top of supporting several Vision Group initiatives.

Days when Kabushenga used to run to Tycon Sudhir’s office and Rupaleria foundation for financial help, where indeed the Tycon gave support to his projects.

But guys, trust less some humans. The same man betrayed Sudhir to basted after conniving with City lawyer David Mpanga, who has of recent appeared in BoU scandals and was declared by court as conflicted in the case between Crane Bank Limited.

In a video which was recorded on a one Friday night at liquid silk Bugolobi, tells it all because two days later, on Sunday 16, July, 2017 things never became the same.

It is alleged that Kabushenga started supervising NewVision headlines to blackmail Sudhir as seen here.

The person who edited the video gave it an apt soundtrack, Jose Chameleone’s Bayuda.

Below is the Video..


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