Chaka Chaka Speaks Out On Her Kampala Ordeal Deportation

South African musician Yvonne Chaka Chaka was yesterday December 2019 deported back to her motherland over alleged lack of documents, “authorities said”.

However the 54 year old celebrity  has refuted allegations saying  she decided not to perform in Uganda on Tuesday on her own volition and not because she was deported.

Chaka Chaka was in Uganda to perform at a New Year’s Buganda Eve concert “Enkuuka Yomwaka” where millions of Ugandans had gathered to welcome the King of Buganda’s guest musician.

Ugandans flock to Lubiri for Enkuuka Yomwaka cerebrations

Authorities in Kampala released a video on Twitter saying Chaka Chaka had been sent back to South Africa because she had the incorrect visa.

Uganda Metro Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga in a video

However, in a 40-second video clip uploaded on Twitter by Chaka Chaka, she told South Africans she was fine and left of her own accord.

She said she cancelled her performance and that she was not detained nor deported.

“I took a decision not to appear because there were just too many things I could not understand or explain.”

She also tweeted an image of her business-class ticket as proof that she was not deported.



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