Kigezi Christians Protest Bishop Zoreka’s Leadership After Suspending Rev.Tibesigwa

Christians from St. Andrews Kihihi archdeaconry are demanding explanations from the Bishop of Kinkiizi diocese who suspended their archdeacon without clear explanations.

Christians who gathered on Saturday January 5 at the church premises comprises of some Christian leaders, church wardens totaling 80 members showed dismay in the church for not being considered when the decision was taking place.

Christians are demanding thoroughly explanation on the reasons of suspending rev Jastus Tibesigwa whom they praise to have laid a big foundation at the church since his coming.

They wondered why they were called in the Thursday’s meeting which was to discuss on development issue but after their departure, little did they know that their archdeacon was suspended for one month yet his issue was not brought in their discussion.

Christians say that they still love their archdeacon and made some alarms to meet the Ugandan archbishop Stanley Ntagari if their demands to reinstate their archdeacon remain futile.

Christians who were bitter are pissed off for the poison saga, which they claim there was no reason to involve police they would have solved it as a church.

According to the diocesan secretary rev Kenneth Kanyankore Jastus Tibesigwa was suspended on two complaints. First because of allegations that he conducted a wedding in ungazetted place after he carried out wedding of foreign couple in queen Elizabeth national park without permission from Bishop.

The second is that Jastus Tibesigwa solicited for funds from donors on behalf of diocese and his money was never uses for the intended purpose.

However Christians from Kihihi refute all claims saying that their archdeacon is just witch hunted as has done nothing like wedding any foreigners in the queen national park as they claim.

They also wondered why their archdeacon is not on diocese calendar of 2020, which they claim that they had planned long ago to expel their archdeacon.

Some of the achievements for rev tibesigwa include renovating the church, upgrade of the compound, building reveland house, archdeacon house, nursery school among others.

Christians have described Tibesigwa as their hero and are asking the Bishop to retrieve his decision and forgive them and remain within their archdeacon.



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