Mityana Road Accident Kill 5, Many Nursing Wounds

At least five people have been confirmed to have died and scores others sustained grave injuries after they got involved  in a terrible accident along Mityana Road.

The tragedy occurred at Nswanjere village, shortly after Muduuma when a commuter taxi number UBB 740D that was heading to Kampala lost control and overturned several times before it plunged into a ditch.

The wreckage of the accident that claimed innocent lives

Eyewitnesses reveal that the driver and four  passengers died on spot, while several others were rushed to nearby medical centres for immediate medical attention after sustaining grave injuries.

Rescuers at the scene trying to pull survivors out of the wreckage

By the time of filing this story rescuers were struggling to cut the wreckage  such that they could pull out some of the survivors and bodies.

These are some of the bodies

The traffic police are to reveal the actual cause of the accident victims and the exact number of bodies.

Some of the victims of the accident

However, it is suspected that the taxis lost control after getting a puncture yet it was overspeeding, which made the driver lose control, hence the overturning.


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