Hospital Guard Pins Kanyamunyu Brothers In Akena Murder

A former security guard at Nakasero hospital, has told court that he saw Mathew Kanyamunyu give a pistol that was allegedly used to kill children’s activist, Kenneth Akena to his brother Joseph Kanyamunyu.

Robert Mutebi was testifying as prosecution witness number four in the case, in which, Quantum Logistics Limited director Matthew Kanyamunyu and his Burundian girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari are charged with the murder of Akena.

Mutebi told court presided over by justice Steven Mubiru that on November 12, 2016 at around 7:30 pm, he was in the emergency parking yard of Nakasero hospital, when he was called by Kanyamunyu. He told court that the suspect had brought Akena in his vehicle registration number UAW 548N.

Mutebi noted that he quickly went to a one Dr Percy and senior nurse Molly who gave him a stretcher where Akena was put and taken to the ward for medication.

According to Mutebi, Dr Percy reportedly asked Akena three times what exactly had happened to him. Mutebi said that Akena responded that he had been shot by the man who had driven him to the hospital. Akena was reportedly shot after he accidentally knocked and ‘scratched’ Kanyamunyu’s vehicle around Lugogo in Nakawa.

Mutebi who said he was in the company of his colleague, Moses Ekolas was told by the supervisor of nurses a one Allan not to allow Kanyamunyu leave the hospital premises.

Mutebi narrated that while in the hospital, another vehicle, a white Prado came in driven by Joseph Kanyamunyu. It was at this point that Mutebi said he saw Matthew give the killer pistol to his brother Joseph who later drove away.

Kanyamunyu’s lawyer McDusman Kabega asked Mutebi how he was able to identify the pistol yet it was at night. Mutebi responded that the emergency parking of Nakasero hospital is properly lit with enough security lights.

Earlier, three doctors also laid their evidence before court. Two documents were from a police surgeon Dr Emmanuel Nuwamanya who examined the suspects and found that they were of sound mind with no injuries.

The others were Dr Victor Kigonya and Dr Michael Muwonge Lukoma from Univik medical centre who told court that at around 7 pm, the accused persons brought Akena to their facility for treatment while he was conscious.

Court was delayed for hours as it sought for a French interpreter after Munwangari said she did not understand English or Luganda, the languages which were being used in court by the prosecution and witnesses.

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