Police Sensitize Local Council Leaders Ahead Of 2021 Elections

Uganda Police Force has taken up a role of sensitizing citizens of their roles and responsibilities as a way of fighting criminality.

The first take of lecture was held on Friday January 10, 2019 where Over 205 local council leaders from the level of LC1 and LC2 have been reminded of their cardinal roles and responsibilities in the fight against crime.

The lecture was led by the Head of Community Policing Department ACP Anatoli Muleterwa at St Micheal International School, Wakiso.

Local leaders at the meeting

“Rolling out training and sensitization of has risen a lot of curiosity and awareness among the local council leaders many of them have acknowledged that since they were elected, they have never had a chance to know their cardinal roles. We have taken them through issues related to security, stability, it has invigorated them and are now ready to implement whatever we have taught them,” said Muleterwa.

“We are continuing to strengthen our partnership with the public in a collaborative way in a bid to counter occurrence of crime because we have realized that this is our first line of policing but also to connect further with the community,” he added.

Some of the attendees

Among other things ACP Muletelwa was able to remind the local council leaders is, their ability to make bylaws under section 38 of the local government Act, which enables them, to ensure that they are able to fight some of the petty crimes.


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