Ruthless Brig.Katsigazi Takes Over UPDF Air Defence Operations Ahead Of 2021 Presidential Elections

Brig.Gen. Geoffrey Katsigazi Tumusiime has officially taken over the Office of Deputy Commander Air Forces (D/CAF) from the outgoing Maj Gen Gavas Mugyenyi.

The handover and take over ceremony held at the Air Forces Headquarters, Entebbe was officiated by the Deputy Chief Defence Forces (D/CDF), Lt Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi. The D/CDF hailed Maj Gen Gavas Mugyenyi for his selfless service to the Force and the nation at large. He urged the incoming D/CAF to emulate the work proficiency of Maj Gen Mugyenyi to ensure effective running of the Air Forces that he referred to as a critical arm in the maintenance of Uganda’s security.

“We rely on you for the safety of our air space. You are the protective ‘wings’ of the nation,” said Lt Gen Mbadi. The D/CDF stressed the need to uphold continuous training in the Service to ensure update Air Forces necessary for promoting national peace and security. Gen Mbadi also stressed the importance of continuous mentoring of the younger Officers and Militants to ensure continuity in the Force upon retirement by the senior group. He further encouraged team work for the good of the Air Forces and UPDF at large.

Lt Gen Mbadi reminded and urged the Officers and Militants to uphold their constitutional role of ensuring peace and security within Uganda’s territory to facilitate socio-economic transformation. He noted that this can be achieved through hard work and disciplined actions guided by patriotism.
The presiding Officer encouraged the Officers to remain healthy in order to effectively execute their duties. “Do physical exercises and utilize our free services to do medical check-ups that will help you deter preventable health conditions,” he said.

Brig Geofrey Katsigazi has been the Defence Liaison Officer at the East African Community Headquarters in Arusha. Before then, he served in the capacity of the Commander of Motorized Infantry Brigade and the Acting Chief of Staff Land Forces, among other appointments.

Maj Gen Mugyenyi who has also served in various capacities such as Division Commander of 3 Division and Air Defence, now heads to India as a Defence Attaché.

He thanked the Commander-In-Chief for the new appointment. Maj Gen Mugyenyi further appreciated the team work in the UPDF and specifically applauded the commander Air Forces Gen Lutaaya for being an exemplary team player.

“My successful end of tour of duty in the Air Forces has been a result of team work by all actors within the Service and the UPDF fraternity at large. I am grateful to be part of this family,” said Gen Mugyenyi.
The incoming D/CAF pledged selfless service to ensure the continuity of the good works of those who have been there before him.

The function was attended by among others the Commander Air Forces Lt Gen Charles Lutaaya, Joint Chief of Staff Lt Gen Joseph Musanyufu, the Chief of Staff of the Air Forces Brig Gen Charles Okidi and Directors under Air Forces.



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