Grief As Gen. Kyaligonza’s Daughter Dies, Heartles Ugandans Jubilate


A section of Ugandans on social media went a buzz and rejoiced after receiving the sad news about the death of a daughter of Maj. Gen Matayo Kyaligonza of Kikuube – Hoima.

Pauline Ntegeka Kyaligonza who has been living in Brixton London died of blood clot after falling down in a bathroom.

Deceased Pauline

It’s allegedly been said that, Pauline  was mum of two young children she lived with

Some people developed a negative attitude against the senior General after a photo showing retired Maj Gen Kyaligonza and his guards manhandling a female traffic police officer Ms Esther Namaganda.

It is reported that a scuffle ensued after the female traffic officer allegedly tried to stop the vehicle in which Kyaligonza was travelling for allegedly breaking traffic rules.

Antonio Nakandi ,the deceased mother  who resides from Kasanga, a leafy Kampala suburb revealed that her daughter got into a critical conditions after falling in her bathing room.’’ When she slipped and fell on the floor, one of her sons Joshua Birungi Kyomuhendo whom they have been staying together reported to me immediately about the accident. I advised him to call the neighbours so that they could rush her to a nearby hospital. ’She said

Nakandi added that Pauline Ntegeka was later rushed to a nearby hospital in a police ambulance while on oxygen .Later doctors pronounced her dead.

The family is already in the preparations to bring her body back to Uganda for burial.


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