Museveni Pledges Juicy Salaries For Judges


President Museveni on Tuesday officiated at the opening the 22nd Annual Judges’ Conference at Méstil Hotel & Residences, Kampala.

He shared some aspects of the historical mission of the NRM government, which is to build a free Uganda whose people are engaged in agricultural and industrial production for financial and food security.

“To some degree this has been achieved as manifested by the glut we are experiencing of products such as milk, sugar, maize, bananas and even construction materials,” Museveni noted.

Museveni greets Chief Justice Bart Katureebe

He said the judiciary, being part of the state, should be a partner in fulfilling this mission and not a hindrance.Ceaseless litigations that delay development projects should be solved quickly or dismissed, the president noted.

“A fair judiciary will definitely help us jump on the bus of modernisation.”

On remuneration of judicial officers, he said government will continue enhance salaries until it matches international standards.

Justices Bart Katureebe and Owiny Dollo

“We are going to also improve retirement benefits. You should retire with your dignity. This will also deliver you from temptations while in service.”

He added: “I thank the judicial fraternity for their service and wish them well.”


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