MP Odonga Otto Thumped At Parliament,Rushed To Hospital On Oxygen


Aruu County Constituency Samuel Odonga Otto has been rushed to Nakasero hospital after a fistfight with Hon Anthony Akol of Kilak North County.

According to reports from Parliament, Akol accuses Otto of telling his voters in Amuru district not to vote for him.

The lawmakers reportedly flexed muscles in the lobby of the august house on Thursday afternoon which ended with Otto being admitted.

Other reports say the MPs disagreed during a debate on Amuru land compensation.

It is reported that Akol told Otto of how he had some land in Amuru in which he was compensated by the government at the tune of Shs600m.
Otto in hospital

The report said over the weekend, Otto went to Amuru and made the issue public, telling Akol’s constituents that their MP had cashed Shs600m.

An enraged Akol confronted Otto in the pigeon hall lobby, reportedly yanked him off the ground and nearly smashed in his head with a rainstorm of punches.

In defence, Otto grabbed a chair to hit Akol before they were separated by MPs Lyandro Komakech and Francis Mwijukye.

In 2017, then Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga and Ayivu county MP Benard Atiku also staged a fistfight at parliament.e.g.e


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