Radio Lectured Me About Angel Of Death Al-Mawt-Chameleone


The past two weeks in showbiz have been largely dedicated to the late legendary Moses Nakitinje Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio as entertainment stakeholders celebrated his birthday and life.

Born January 25th, 1983 and passed on February 1st, 2018, without a doubt Radio’s death left a huge void in Uganda’s music industry that will absolutely be hard to fill.

Whoever interacted with Radio has a different amazing and inspirational story he/she shares with the public that reveals how motivational he was in their lives.

To cut the long story short, Leone Island Music Empire CEO Jose Chameleone has also shared his account of how Radio lectured him about the story of the angel of death Malak Al-Mawt.

The story of the angel of death Al-Mawt is especially taught in Islam as one of the four archangels. He is believed to be responsible for transporting the souls of the deceased after death according to google.

Not to waste so much time on that, basing on Chameleone’s post, he calls upon the public to always love, appreciate, and celebrate each other as we are still alive. He further adds saying that showering someone with flowers and all kinds of glory after death is nothing because he won’t know who did what.

Radio and weasel

It was year 2008 When I realized that they rather pay your death bills than give you a helping hand. I walked into Audio one studios and together with “Paddy Man” We “BASIIMA OGENZE” Long story short I remember one day when I visited Radio and Weasel at Neveland Makindye and separately me and Radio in detail looked at how AK47 passed on carelessly. He elaborated to me About the angel of death – al-Mawt!! We talked so much that can’t fit this post. However, it’s good to celebrate the lives of our great ones like we have jointly done for MOSES all these weeks. Let’s be so proud of who we are and build, build and never stop building each other. Celebrate and love each other as we still have the time to. Flowers and all the glory after we pass is just NOTHING!!!!!! WHY BRING FLOWERS AND SHOWER ME WITH PRAISES I WILL NEVER EVEN KNOW YOU DID. REST IN POWER RADIO



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