M7 Is EAC Intergration Greatest Obstacle Due To Rwanda Border Tensions-FDC


Forum for Democratic Change party  is distressed with the escalating tension between Uganda and Rwanda.

More worrying is the growing number of Ugandans being killed upon crossing into Rwanda and one IT expert who is reported missing, said party spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda on Monday.

He said the closure of the border at Katuna has caused a lot of suffering on both sides of the border.

“Continued accusation against Uganda including claims of supporting rebels who want to undermine President Paul Kagame’s government have inflamed the situation even further.”

He added: “What is East African Community for if it cannot sort out conflicts like this one? If Mr. Museveni has become a problem in the region, heads of East African countries should point it.”

The FDC is also bothered with government’s refusal to allocate sufficient funds to the Electoral Commission to finance key milestones relating to the 2020/21 general elections.

“I think everybody in the country now knows that the Electoral Commission requested for Shs 549 billion in next year’s budget being debated by Parliament but was given only Shs 357 billion. It has a funding gap of Shs 220 billion,” Nganda noted.

He said one of the items that government has refused to allocate money for is voter education that require Shs 13.9 billion.

“This we think is deliberate. Mr. Museveni wants the population to remain ignorant for easy exploitation.”

“In fact Museveni’s residence (State House) has been allocated over Shs 482 billion, more than the amount of money given to the Electoral Commission.”

He said this includes more than Shs 260 billion for donation by Mr. Museveni and President’s office is allocated Shs 102 billion.


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