Leave ‘Pulling’ Or Else We Will Not Vote For Museveni – Senga Nantume Blasts Minister Mutuuzo


Renowned Media personality and bedroom lecturer Ssenga Justine Nantume is up in arms following the statement made by Peace Mutuuzo over genital elongation in young girls.

Last week, Mutuuzo, the State Minister for Gender and Culture claimed that this practice (genital elongation) doesn’t add value on anyone’s health but rather prepares young girls who are not ready for marriage, and yet they may get partners who do not care about them.

But according to the self-appointed Senga, Mutuuzo’s statement is only aimed at preventing women from exercising their ‘bedroom’ practices in peace.

Nantume made this statement during her Saturday show on Dembe FM, and vowed to rally fellow women to fight of their rights.

“I Ssenga Justine Nantume, I want to extend my great disappointed for what the minister said about our ‘pulling’ practice, how can she say that we should stop this practice! Minister, if you don’t take back what you said will strike and even refuse to vote for President Museveni,” he said.

She claimed that if Mutuuzo wanted to make any statement about such matters, she would have first consulted with the cultural leaders for clear guidance, for this matter falls under Buganda’s cultural norms and values.

“You should take back what you said because as women, we are going to riot for that. But before making that statement, why didn’t you first consult with Nabagereka? she’s the one responsible for this practice is part of Buganda’s cultural norms and values, you should even apologies to Uganda and Buganda.”


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