Archbishop Ntangali Grills Found Reverend Mwesigwa Over Kidnap

The missing Anglican priest, Reverend Isaac Mwesigwa who was allegedly kidnapped on Sunday night from Mukono was found alive after being abandoned last night by his alleged kidnappers in Soroti district in eastern Uganda.

Rev Mwesigwa was reportedly taken to the Archbishop Church of Uganda, the Rev Stanley Ntagali who had spent the night at Timishi hotel in Soroti.

Ntagali prayed for him and later handed him over to Soroti Regional police station commander who will later escort him to Kampala and reunite him with his family.

It’s alleged that Mwesigwa who is also student at Uganda Christian University was kidnapped at around 9.00 pm on Sunday in Mukono and his car taken by unknown assailants.

His uncle Stanley Sempiira informed police on Sunday that his nephew had called him informing him about suspicious men a few seconds before he was kidnapped.

Yesterday, his car, a white Raum car registration number UAR 468D was recovered by residents in Sonde, Seeta in Mukono district. Mukono police station had said that the alleged kidnappers had been captured on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras along the Jinja highway.

This morning, Eva Namwanje Mwesigwa’s daughter told that they received a call from Ntagali informing them Mwesigwa is alive.

Kampala Metropolitan police deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed that Mwesigwa has been handed over to Soroti police. u.r.n


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