Trouble Looms As BoU Lawyer ‘Makubuya’ Is Dragged To Court Over Theft

Former Deputy Katikiro of Buganda and Bank Of Uganda lawyer Apollo Nelson Makubuya is in hot soup following allegations of stealing land from the former Executive Director of the Kabaka Foundation, Ambassador Matia Lubega.

The land in question is situated on Block 268 Plot 475 Kyadondo in the upscale Lubowa neighborhood along Entebbe Road valued at over Shs5.3 billion.

Ambassador Lubega filed this case to court after failing over the last many years to have his land returned to him by Makubuya and the case is registered under civil suit number 1012 of 2019 of the High Court of Uganda (Land Division). Ambassador Lubega is represented by Kituuma-Magala and Company Advocates.

Part of Ambassador Matia Lubega’s Petition

According to Court documents, Apollo Makubuya who Kabaka fired recently from his position of Deputy Katikkiro on similar grounds “used his office as Kabaka’s attorney to dubiously acquire the land in question.”

Part of complaint’s Petition

Ambassador Lubega is the founder executive director of Kabaka Ronald Mutebi’s charity arm, the Kabaka’s Foundation. When Ambassador Lubega retired from active service of the Kabaka, the Kabaka gave him land as a token of appreciation for the work well done and instructed his attorney, Apollo Makubuya, to transfer the land to him.

Instead, Makubuya transferred the land to himself, defying Kabaka Mutebi’s direct orders.

Ambassador Lubega wants court to issue a declaration that he is the rightful owner of this multibillion land and Apollo Makubuya “defied the executive orders of the Kabaka of Buganda to fraudulently acquire this land.”

Ambassador Lubega also wants Makubuya to pay him Shs480m per a year for the period he has illegally occupied this land.


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