Sembabule District NRM Youth Chairman Toughens Stance, Urges Youths To Stay Home To Contain COVID-19 Pandemic

The Sembabule District (NRM) Youth Chairman who is also the aspiring District Youth chairperson Nayebale David has urged residents and youths to stay indoors to prevent an “overwhelming” spread of coronavirus, taking his strongest stance yet against the pandemic that has killed over 50,000 worldwide and infected nearly 100,000 so far.

“This is a deadly disease my people, we have to stay in our homes, we have to keep a healthy distance,” Nayebare said, warning that the health system may not be able to cope with a mass outbreak of cases, although Uganda has so far registered fewer cases than other countries.

“If we don’t stay inside our homes the number of infection cases could shoot up, and it would saturate our hospitals,” he said.

“It would be overwhelming let’s follow the ministry of health and Presidential guidelines,” he added.

Mr. Nayebale David in a distance Walks door to door sensitising locals about Covid-19

Nayebale is among the few youths in Sembabule who’ve heartly given in all effort to sensitise youths and the general public on how to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Through Radio talk shows and door to door campaign, under the Slogan “STAY AWAY, STAY HOME and STAY SAFE,” the Promising Youth leader together with Hon. Anifa Kawooya has done an outstanding Job to sensitise, youth, give out Jerrycans for washing hands, Soap, sanitizers and other home use equipments in Sembabule District.

Hearty Nayebale Sleeps in Radio Studio sensitising people about Covid-19

Besides that, Mr. Nayebale has been addressing youths challenges in the district, sensitizing them to be hardworking as well as advising youths to always welcome, engage and support government funded programs.

“You see Mbabazi, statistically, agriculture is the predominant sector of employment in Uganda providing employment to about 66 percent of the workforce. The services and industrial sectors employ about 28 percent and 7 percent of the labor force, respectively. Despite the bulk youth employment in agriculture, less than 5 percent of those in agriculture are in wage-paying jobs. The majority are engaged as subsistence family workers with no wages accruing to them. Similarly, informal employment accounts for the highest proportion of employed youths outside agriculture but once we sensitize our youth on modern agriculture as government support supports us, our youth would be the richest in Uganda and this is what am upto. We shall achieve it together,” he said.

Hon Anifa Kawoya (L) with Chairman Nayebale David (R) on a journey to sensitive Ugandans about Covid-19 pandemic

He added that “Youths are hardworking but they need a right hand to guide. We have to do all we can as leaders. There are several projects youths can engage in, NRM government is looking foward to improve youths livelihood. As youths, shall achieve our goal am sure. Projects like Cattle rearing for milk production, poultry, piggery and more are among projects am looking forward to bringing to our youths.

Mr. Nayebale David, a managing director of Mawogola Community Radio (MCR 105.5 FM) Mateete, is also an aspiring Youth chairperson Sembabule district and also an aspiring chairperson NRM Youth league of Uganda.

Well-done Chairman David for the Fight Campaign against Covid-19.


  1. Government should extend food to even villages cos villages food is in shortage due to unreliable rain fall and soil exhaustion.

  2. Kabazzi Polinali on

    Thank you very much our Good inspiring chairman Mr. Nayebale ,for the tips about the pandemic covid 19 , this has shown me that you are caring about other people’s lives.
    And great thanks to our honorable ,”hajjat Anifah kawooya” and may God reward you amicably.

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