Promoters Bajjo, Abtex Charged Over Covid-19 Food Protest

Four people, including music promoters, Andrew Mukasa alias Bajjo and Abby Musinguzi alias Abitex have been charged for allegedly disobeying lawful orders.

The two others are Aloysius Matovu Junior and one Kikomeko Eyekolera.

Earlier on today, the four were arraigned before Buganda road Court Grade One magistrate, Dorothy Bagyenyi, charged and released on bail after spending a night in detention.

The latter are accused of disobeying lawful orders set up by the president in a bid to contain the spread of COVID-19.

They were released on bail with each paying UGX.200,000 cash and sureties bonded UGX.500,000 not cash.

They were also ordered to appear in court on May 18, 2020 for further mention of the case.

These four were picked from the Office of the Prime Minister where they had organized a protest. Recently Bajjo and Abitex recently contributed 2,000kgs of maize flour to COVID-19 National response fund.

Upon their arrest they claimed they had gone to seek an explanation from the Prime Minister as to why government had left several people to starve test several food donations had been made.


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