Covid-19 Opinion: Ardent NRM Youth Supporter Hits Back At Govt

As National Resistance Movement ‘NRM’ supporters we should not deliberately lose consciousness about what is happening in our country,being an NRM supporter doesn’t mean we should praise and support wrong things done by the government.
I usually see old men on TV defending the indefensible and I wonder do these people have double personalities or they are suffering multiple personality disorders? As NRM cadres we should be able in good faith to object,criticize, oppose and reject wrong policies and decisions taken at national level unless our interests are personal to national,
How can government give 20 million to members of parliament,add them 40 million during the COVID-19 pandemic and then come to demand 10k from the public? You are demanding 10k from people who have been locked up for 45 days not earning a penny while spending daily and then because we are NRM we should clap and say bravo,bravo .
We must condemn these dubious acts and live exemplary.
we support an NRM government which is pro people not the one that exploits people, wrong is wrong no matter who’s doing it,but some one will say am opposition because am speaking the truth.
Rufumuza Rukanda
The Conscious NRM Supporter


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