Security Vows To Crackdown Traders In Downtown For Flouting COVID-19 Guidelines

The Joint Security Taskforce has said they are going to crackdown traders in Kikuubo and other densely populated areas in Kampala and other towns.

This was revealed by the Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala during the daily security briefing on Friday.

Enanga, appealed to Ugandans to follow Ministry Of Health guidelines because the virus is continuously being reported among the community.

He warned that they will move to the places and enforce the restrictions on physical distancing, face coverings among others because some Ugandans seem not to care about theirs and other’s lives.

Enanga added that traders whose shops in arcades that have not been opened are also turning into another threat because they park trucks in the corridors of Kikuubo and begin transacting business there hence causing a lot of congestion. He said like security, they can’t afford to continue looking on as people’s lives continue to be threatened.

Enanga said their engagement with the leaders of the traders is to see that the situation is reversed peacefully. He, however, says that if they fail to get an amicable settlement, then they will be forced to crack the whip.

At the start of the pandemic in Uganda, cases were imported into the country either by people returning from abroad or by the across the border truck drivers.

The new trajectory of the virus has started to worry the policy leaders to the extent that while launching the distribution of face masks early this week, Dr Ruth Aceng said they might think of recommending the reinstatement of the lockdown.

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