Buganda’s Lukiiko Approves UGX109.7Bn Budget

Buganda’s Lukiiko has approved a budget of Shillings 109.7 billion to support different Kingdom activities in the 2020/2021 financial year.

The budget presented on Monday afternoon by the Kingdom Finance Minister, Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa is Shillings 13 billion less compared to the current financial year budget.

According to Nsibirwa, they considered a lower budget since they anticipate low revenue collection in the next 6 months due to the coronavirus pandemic that has affected a number of potential revenue sources.

The biggest chunk of the budget will go towards development and investment projects accounting for Shillings 18.08 billion followed by investment in cooperatives Shillings 16.2 billion, education Shillings 15.4 billion and communications Shillings 11.87 billion.

The other priorities include Treasury operations with an allocation of Shillings 9.1 billion, renovation Shillings 3.98 billion, local governments Shillings 3.8 billion, salaries Shillings 3.7 billion, agriculture Shillings 2.22 billion and health Shillings 1.26 billion among others.

The Kingdom will focus on completing the proposed shopping village at Kasangati Ssaza land and construction of Ndiwulira building at Makindye sub-county offices. Nsibirwa said these and other projects will generate more income for the Kingdom and at the same time create jobs.

He further noted that under the education docket, the Kingdom will build hostels for students at Buganda Royal Institute of Business and Technical Education (BRIBTE) and Lubiri High School, Buloba, get a charter for Muteesa I Royal University, continue with issuance of bursaries and renovate Bbowa Secondary and Vocational School among others.

Nsibirwa also said under health, the Kingdom will continue the fight against HIV/AIDs, start the Buganda medical store and an insurance company.

The budget will be financed with funds from Envujjo, Busuulu and Kanzu (UGX 15 billion), debt payment from the Central government (UGX 3 billion), student payments (UGX 15.33 billion), development partners (UGX 32.2 billion), sports activities (UGX 3.1 billion), Buganda Certificates and Kingdom portraits (UGX 550 million), communication stations (UGX 13.5 billion), tourism (UGX 901 million) and cooperatives (UGX 16.1 billion) among others.


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