Enanga: Arrested Basajja Mivule Committed Sectarianism, Offensive Communication Cases

Renowned political talk show panelist Basajja Mivule has also been arrested by Crime Intelligence. Fred Enanga says that Mivule has been recording and sharing sectarian videos on social media.

Enanga added that after the interrogation, Basajja will be charged with sectarianism and offensive communication.

Cyber crime is apparently scrutinizing the videos to have him charged.
Basajja Mivule AKA Nsolonkambwe, the host of ‘Fumitiriza program’  which airs on  Busoga’s Baba TV, had a morning show  but, on arrival at the station, he was rounded up by plain clothed security personnel  who bundled him into a vehicle and whisked him to unknown detention center.

His arrest came a few days after he shared a video on social media, in which he  says  that he received a phone call from security operatives who said they were from the Directorate of Criminal Intelligence (CID), in the Uganda Police Force, notifying him that he was urgently needed  to report to the former Director of Counter Terrorism at the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) a one Brigadier Ddamulira.

“Yesterday evening I received a phone call from security operatives who said they were from Directorate of Criminal  Intelligence, Uganda Police Force notifying me that I was urgently needed by Brigadier Ddamulira for reasons I didn’t know” Mivule said in the video.

Watch Mivule’s video explaining reasons for his arrest!

Mivule explains that when he tried to seek reasons for summons to CID, officers kept on threatening him that if he resists he was to be arrested from any where under conditions that would leave him embarrassed.

However, after  his refusal to honour their summons, they told him that he was needed because of words he has been uttering via his social media platforms that promote  sectarianism and are likely to incite violence.

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