Fiction: What I Saw in My Late Wife’s Whatsapp Messages Shocked Me

Josephine’s death was the biggest heartbreak I had ever felt since I was born, I could not believe that she had perished in a road accident that took her away from me and out 10 year old son Mike.

It was very painful to see her being burried, I near fainted but I had to stay strong for my son Mike.

After the burial all my relatives would leave and that was when I knew that life without her was going to be very difficult and lonely.

Still not yet through her death, I decided to check out her personal things that would remind me of her.

I looked at her diary, pictures and other belongings and that was when he telephone which was now broken due to the accident fell from one of her purse the one she had travelled with before her accident.

Her profile picture reminded me of her and tears fell from my eyes.

I then realized that her phone had some unanswered WhatsApp messages and this was when I received the biggy shock of my life.

From the WhatsApp screenshots posted below I realized that my beloved wife had lied to me that Mike was my biological son.

She had cheated on me with another man who was the biological father of our son.

This broke my heart and Iam still finding it hard to accept the truth that Mike is not my biological son.

But this would not stop me from loving him because to me he is the only son I recognize.


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