One Feared Dead, Thousands Displaced As Landslides Ravage Three Villages In Mbale

Torrential rains in the eastern Ugandan district of Mbale on Sunday triggered off a landslide which has affected three villages leaving one person so far confirmed dead and property destroyed, a relief agency said on Monday.

The saddening incident happened in Busaano Sub-County, Bufoto Parish, Mbale district following a heavy downpour on Sunday September 6, 2020.

Uganda Red Cross Society said in a statement issued on Monday that the three villages of Shitega, Buwangwa Upper, and Butsaale have been affected by the landslide.

“One person confirmed dead (an adult yet to be identified). Other affected items include houses, animals,” the statement said, noting that more details will be shared later.

According to Irene Nakasiita, Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) spokesperson the disaster left several homes affected and animals swept away.

However, she added that they have dispatched a team from Mbale branch, to go and support people on ground.

“We have dispatched a team from Mbale branch to support on the evictions and any emergence response deemed necessary,” she states.

Nakasiita also warned people living on steep slopes against the heavy rains that have started as indicated earlier in the metrological report.

She warned that as the rains continue, people in the landslide-prone areas should be careful.

“We are already doing community sensitization, helping people to know the times we are in. Heavy rains are on. People should prepare especially those in prone areas,” she stated.

Mountainous eastern Uganda occasionally experiences landslides during the rainy season but the worst was recorded in 2010 where several landslides killed some 300 people and left thousands homeless.


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