Pressure:Bashasha Orders Bushenyi Woman MP Contestant Tworekirwe To Drop Husband’s Name

Embattled National Resistence Movement ‘NRM’s Director in charge manifesto Implementation Willis Bashasha, the former Bushenyi district chairperson is on hot soup for allegedly authoring the letter ordering Bushenyi Woman MP Contestant Eunice Kansiime Tworekirwe to relinquish the name ‘Kansiime’ which belongs to his brother (her husband) because the family was “not interested in politics.
This letter circulating is allegedly to have been authored by Bashasha on behalf of other family members.
In the said letter, Bashaasha purportedly stressed that any family member standing for any Political office was most likely to divide the family yet they have worked tirelessly to unite.
“This is done as a proper communication to officially inform you that we as a family are not in any way in support of you.
The released letter has caused confusion in the people of Bushenyi and supporters of Kansiime who have put Bashasha on pressure to rescind the letter.
Ms Tworekirwe who is standing as an independent Candidate will battle out with Annet Mugisha the NRM Flag bearer. By press time, Bashaasha’s contact could not through to verify the authenticity of the letter below


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