Video: ‘Disregard Rumors, Pastor Augustine Yiga Is Alive and Kicking’

ABS Television management has trashed news circulating on social media that Pastor Augustine Yiga of Revival Church Kawaala is dead.

Earlier today, news about Pastor Yiga’s death have been making rounds on different social media platforms.

However, at around 11:30am ABS Television owned by Pastor Yiga broke silence and refuted social media posts about the death of their pastor.

“Pastor Yiga is still alive and kicking. Those who are saying that he is dead are doing it for their self interests. The man of God is well. Those who want to meet him come to Revival Church Kawaala,” the management said on Friday.

Last week, it was stated that the preacher was admitted at Nsambya Hospital battling what was termed as “liver complications”.

The controversial Pastor Yiga is a common face for his comic sermons and statements that have often landed him in trouble.

Most recently, he was in prison for a couple of weeks for making statements that the state deemed reckless. He claimed that Covid-19 didn’t exist.

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