Police Vows To Arrest Presidential Candidates Flouting EC Covid-19 Guidelines During Nominations

Police in Kampala Metropolitan has vowed to arrest any Presidential aspirants who will dare hold processions before and after their nominations.

Patrick Onyango,Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson revealed that security have received intellegence that some  Presidential aspirants are busy organising big numbers of their supporters to escort them from Kampala up to Kyambogo play grounds where nominations will be held.

“We are getting information that some presidential aspirants are mobilising thousands of their supporters to escort them for nominations next week.
Any presidential aspirant, who makes a procession, contrary to Independent Electoral Commission guidelines of having only 10 people, will be arrested and detained.
We appeal to the aspirants not to defy the Independent Electoral Commission guidelines”he said.

Mr Onyango added that as police they are concerned because in the recent days, a number of politicians have publicly doubted the presence of Covid-19 in Uganda yet there is enough evidence to confirm it exists.

The Electoral Commission (EC) recently, announced that the nomination exercise for presidential aspirants will be conducted at Kyambogo University Sports Grounds on November 2 and November 3, starting at 9:00am and ending at 5pm on each of the appointed dates.

EC chairman Justice Simon Byabakama said the Commission will limit access to the nomination venue, in compliance with Government/Ministry of Health Guidelines and EC Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“The aspiring candidate, shall be allowed into the nomination venue accompanied by not more than ten (10) persons (including the candidate). The particulars of persons accompanying the aspirant shall be submitted to the Commission in advance,” he said.

“Aspirants have been advised to use only three (3) vehicles for purposes of his/her nominations; and each vehicle should not carry more than four (4) persons, driver inclusive. Each of the vehicles shall bear a police sticker. 5For the avoidance of doubt, the incumbent President who is also a candidate shall use such facilities as are ordinarily attached to his office. This is in line with Section 27(2) of the Presidential Elections Act,” he added

Afande Onyango assured the public that police and other security organs will continue to enforce all the guidelines that government issued in order to fight the spread of the virus.

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