‘Never Bite The Hands That Feed You’- Patrick Salvado Sends Message To Axed Sanyu FM’s Chief Operations Officer Betsy Mugamba

June this year, employees of Sanyu FM, the country’s oldest radio station, went on a striker protesting management’s decision to chop their salaries by 25% as a measure of helping the station survive the pangs of covid19.

Left with no choice, the top management of Sanyu FM fired all the employees who had taken part in the strike. James Onen aka Fatboy, the most senior presenter at the time, was pointed out as the ringleader.

However, an audio that leaked this week reveals that Fatboy was innocent; he wasn’t the strike but Betsy Mugamba, the chief operations officer was. On learning that he still has the bad apple on his books, Sudhir Ruparelia, the owner of the station, fire Mugamba.

Mugamba was on Monday fired from Sanyu FM for backstabbing her employers and fellow staff after she plotted a strike which led to a mass sacking of her colleagues.

Surprised that his new boss was a snitch, comedian Patrick Salvado, who now hosts the Sanyu FM Breakfast Club took to social media to issue some sort of counsel.

“Hooooooooo Audios have been leaked Jessssooooooosssssss ….. eh eh eh all I can say …. “Is never bite the hands that feed you, when they get injured, you’ll starve….” Salvado posted on Twitter on Tuesday.

Salvado was teamed up with Yvonne Koreta and Didan to deliver the flagship Sanyu Breakfast Club. Management also recruited new talent that it expects to maintain Sanyu FM at the top where it belongs

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