FDC’s Patrick Amuriat Arrested Before Presidential Nomination

Forum for Democratic Change ‘FDC’ Presidential Aspirant Patrick Amuriat Oboi has been arrested by police on arrival at party head quarters in Najjanakumbi and whisked away to Kyambogo cricket grounds for nomination.

FDC President Eng Amuriat was not allowed by security to join other party members who were preparing to go and support their Flagbearer during nomination process.

Extremely disgusted, Amuriat reached at EC’s nominations center with out shoes.

Eng.Amuriat arriving at Kyambogo cricket grounds without shoes

Speaking to the Press,Amuriat pondered whether there is democracy and freedom of speech in Uganda.

Eng.Amuriat  wondered how he was going to be nominated after police had stopped him from picking his nomination papers at FDC offices.

He said that even 10 people required by EC to escort the presidential aspirants to the nominations center had been left at Najjanakumbi.



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