Scores Arrested As Police Vows To Continue Enforcement Against Post Elections Riots

The aftermath of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections,which were conducted in a very peaceful manner on 14th January.A section of people ended up being arrested and detained due to suspected electoral violence.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga revealed that intelligence components picked information of disruptive plans, dubbed “plan B” by selected candidates and political parties that have not only rejected the outcomes of the elections, but also advocating for violent riots and demonstrations coordinated by their district mobilizers across the country.
“On the 16th and 17th of January 2021, our task teams countered violent protests by upset rioters in Masaka, Nsangi and further disrupted all plans by NUP to start riots simultaneously in all major cities and towns in Uganda.
We have dominated all public places of worship, schools, health facilities and markets where the perpetrators of violence had planned to stage their demonstrations. We also continue to monitor designated routes and identified coordinators along Bombo with flash points at Kagoma, Matugga and Wobulenzi, Gayaza with flashpoints at Mpererwe, Kutaano, Kasangati and Gayaza, Hoima road with flashpoints at Masitowa, wakiso and Kakiri; Mityana road with flashpoints at Busega, Kumunaana and Bujuuko; and Jinja road with flash points at Kireka, Bweyogerere, Seeta and Mukono. These flashpoints were earmarked as cut off areas with at least 5 key actors to mobilize and stir riots, blocking passage to and from the city. All other hotspots countrywide have been mapped out”, he said.

He added “Just like we assured Ugandans and visitors to Uganda, about a very peaceful elections, we would like to assure them of a peaceful aftermath of the elections with very robust plans to respond proportionately against all perpetrators of violent crime, and lawlessness. We have also continued to maintain our visibility and alertness across our boundaries to curtail any infiltration of negative forces linked to domestic terror cells and acts of civil disorder. We would like to warn all persons that had been mobilized from the districts of Kasese, Jinja, Mityana, Luwero and Mbale, to take to the streets in Kampala, the epicenter of the planned riots to reject such calls and instead remain law abiding”

“As we conclude, we urge all Ugandans and visitors to the country, to start going about their businesses and daily activities, without fear. During this aftermath, we would like to inform and reassure all Ugandans that Covid-19 is real, and urge all members of the public to be very vigilant and cautious during this period.


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