Rukiga District FDC Party Chairman Defects To NRM

Medard Ensinikweri, the incumbent opposition Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party chairperson for Rukiga district has defected to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

Ensinikweri handed over the FDC party card and t-shirt to Twaha Selubowa Yalyakumanyi, Rukiga district NRM party returning officer on Sunday evening at around 7:00pm at the district NRM party offices in Muhanga town council.

Ensinikweri said that he defected to the NRM party together with his wife Christine Kamusiime. He adds that he defected to the NRM party while on sober mind and without being paid any bribe.

Ensinikweri says that he had joined the FDC party with hopes that it would defeat the NRM party and take over power. However, Ensinikweri says that he has decided to defect after realizing that NRM is still strong. He says that his defection came as a dream adding that his followers that still have hopes in FDC can remain there but others with a mind similar to him should also defect to NRM.

Yalyakumanyi confirmed the defection of Ensinikweri saying that it is a very big achievement of NRM in weakening FDC in Rukiga. Yalyakumanyi says that Ensinikweri revealed to him that he is tired of recurring loss by FDC.

Yalyakumanyi also says that Ensikikweri wanted to denounce FDC during 2021 general elections but feared to shame his superiors. He says that recently, more than 30 other FDC supporters who include lower sub-county leaders also defected to NRM.

Apollo Nyegamehe alias Aponye, Rukiga district NRM chairperson told our reporter that he is not aware of Ensinikweri’s defection.

Ensinikweri worked as the Rukiga County FDC party chairperson from 2011-2017 when it became an independent district. He was elected unopposed to continue serving as the district party chairperson until Sunday when he defected to NRM.

During Ensinikweri’s tenure as the FDC party chairman in Rukiga, many party flag bearers lost vital seats. In the 2016 general elections, Jack Crissy Sabitti lost to NRM’s former State Minister for Labor, Hebert Kabafunzaki as Rukiga County Member of Parliament.

In the 2021 general elections, Stephen Nebye Rutaro got only 628 votes to be defeated by the Independent Roland Ndyomugyeni Bish who got 10,911 votes on the same seat. Michael Kwarikunda Mbareeba lost to NRM’s Robert Mbabazi Kakwerere for the LC5 chair.



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