All Arcades Under Crane Management Services Follow SoPs, Allowed To Reopen: Over 70 Remain Closed

Close to 70 arcades have so far adapted to the Standard Operating Procedures set by the government as a precondition for their reopening.

The government had maintained lockdown restrictions on arcades, because of the envisaged difficulty to avoid close contact between people in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While locking the country, President Yoweri Museveni said that it would be practically impossible to enforce social distancing guidelines in arcades, whose shopping units are co-rented by several traders.

However, In his recent address while partially lifting the Covid-19 lock down with restrictions.

This was to be after KCCA and enforcement carrying out assessment on the suitability of the business premises with focus on Covid-19 Standard operating procedures as per Ministry of Health guidelines.

Consequently, the Public Health team at KCCA together with other agencies namely; Internal Security, Military Police, Uganda Police Force and Ministry of Trade, Industry & Cooperatives were constituted into an inspection team to assess the suitability and compliance of the arcades based on a checklist that ensured adherence to Covid-19 SOPs and in conformity with Public Health and Physical Planning statutes.

The arcade owners, their leaders and trader Association leaders were fully involved in the drafting of the said checklist.

On the 3rd day of August, 2021, nine (9) inspection teams each comprised of the above mentioned agencies set out to conduct inspections in the CBD with the guide of the inspection checklist which focuses on Compliance to all Covid-SOPs including but not limited to the following: –

Presence of compliance officers, Corridors and access ways have to be clear, Observance of proper hygiene and Sanitation, Adequate lighting and ventilation, Dedicated entry and exit, Registration of tenants, Installation of CCTV cameras, Use of PPEs and sanitizers, Social distancing and Approved building plans.

To date, 146 of the 178 arcades have been inspected of which 76 have been recommended for re-opening by the inspection teams while 70 have not met the minimum requirements for reopening and have been advised to put the required SOPs in place then invite the team for re-inspection.

“We have noted with concern that some arcades have re-opened without fulfilling compliance requirements set out. These are to be enforced upon without compromise,” said Hon. Hajat Minsa Kabanda, Minister for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs.

She added: “We have this morning closed Gaza Land and Corner arcade for denying access to the inspection team. We are continuing the enforcement exercise and shall not hesitate to prosecute anyone continuing to put people’s lives in danger.”

Where one is dissatisfied with the re-inspection decision, he/she can appeal to a team led by the Resident City Commissioner (RCC). This team is comprised of (RCC, the Deputy Executive Director, Deputy RCC and Director Legal Affairs)

Attached is a comprehensive list of arcades inspected and either Recommended or NOT recommended for reopening.

“Let us all remember that Covid 19 is still here and the world over. Our compliance as City shall determine whether the economy reopens successfully or we face a third wave. I therefore, appeal to each one of you to uphold the SOPs communicated by the Ministry of Health and abide by the government set curfew hours.”

Sr.      Compliant Arcades

1.      Annet Plaza

2.      Aponye Building

3.      Apple Towers

4.      Arua Park Mall

5.      Arua Park Plaza

6.      Atalanta Texile

7       Bhatia Tower

8       Bulamu Bwebugaga

9.      Bypass arcade

10.     Chains of liberty Tower

11.     Cham Tours

12.     Cornerstone Plaza

13.     Detail Plaza

14.     Discount Mall

15.     Discovery Plaza

16.     E Tower

17 Eagle Plaza

18 Electrical Plaza

19 Em Plaza

20 Equotorial Shoping (Old)

21 Equotorial Shoping mall (new)

22 Gagawala

23 Gods Plan

24 Grand Plaza

25 Ham shoping Arcade

26 Ham tours

27 Hanifa Plaza

28 Hanifa Towers

29 Hard Ware Plaza

30 Hardware City

31 Hardware Plaza

32 JBK mall

33 Jenna Plaza

34 Jumbo Arrcade

35 Justin Plaza

36 Kampala Plaza

37 Karobwa Towers

38 Kati Kati

39 King Forward

40 Kisakyamaliya

41 Kiseka Site

42 Kiseka traders Arcade

43 Kizito Towers

44 Kooki Tower

45 Mabirizi Complex

46 Magoba Shoping Arcade

47 Market Plaza

48 Mega Palza

49 Mega Plaza (repeated)

50 Modern Complex

51 Mt Zion Arcade

52 Mukwano Arcade

53 Musinge House

54 Mutasa Kafero Plaza

55 Nagatule Plaza

56 Nakasule Shoping Center

57 Nalubega Plaza

58 Namanda Plaza

59 Numak House

60 Park View

61 Plot 79A

62 Reco House

63 Royal Plaza

64 Sasa Arcade

65 Sekaziga House

66 Senna Arcade

67 Shamba complex

68 Spare World

69 Star Shoppers

70 The Prisma

71 Trinity Tower

72 Unia House

73 Victoria Plaza

74 Yunia

75 Zaidi Complex


Sr:      Non-compliant Arcades

1. AMINA William Street

2. Arrow Complex

3. Arua Park Plaza A

4. Arua Park Plaza b

5. Avemar Shopping Center

6 Barmako House

7 Bonita Arcade

8 Bypass Building

9 Center Point

10 Dembe Arcade

11 Esco Plastic House

12 Esco Plastics Ltd

13 FAIBAH Plaza

14 Fami Plaza

15 Fidodo Building

16 Fortune Plaza

17 Giant shoping Arcade

18 God’s Grace

19 Jagwa Hotel

20 Jemba Plaza

21 Jesico Beuty

22 Justin Arcade

23 Kabale Arcade

24 Kampala Plaza

25 Katonga Bussiness center

26 Kizito Towers

27 Light Arcade

28 Lond building Plot 64 Kla Road

29 Lutunga House

30 Mabirizi City Plaza

31 Majestic Plaza

32 Malaika building

33 Manella White house

34 Mengo Hill Plaza

35 Midcity

36 Modern Sarah Center

37 Moon light Arcade

38 Mulima Muyuni Arcade

39 Nabugabo Bussines Center

40 Nakasero Complex

41 Namaganda Plaza

42 Nasar Road mall

43 Nzuram-Nasser Link Plaza

44 Old Park Royal

45 Peoples Plaza

46 Priness Arcade

47 Qualicel house

48 Rafik building

49 SaL Building

50 Sekaziga House

51 Sky Light

52 Smile Investments

53 Soweto Arcade

54 SS Plaza

55 Star Shoppers

56 Sunscity Arcade

57 Superior

58 Superior Complex

59 Teddy’s PlAza

60 Temusewo Plaza


62 The Centre

63 Trade Link

64 Trade lkink

65 Transnile link

66 Tropical Complex

67 Ttowa mall

68 Zai Plaza

69 Zebra House

70 Zibula Atude

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