Baseless Allegations! Family Demands Access To Detained VU Chancellor Dr. Muganga, Insist allegations of Espionage Are False


The family of Victoria University’s Vice Chancellor Dr. Lawrence Muganga have accused security forces of kidnapping him and also dismissed espionage claims as unfounded.

The vice-chancellor of the private Victoria University was taken in broad daylight on Thursday at the facility’s main building on one of the busiest streets in Kampala.

Amateur video posted on social media showed plain-clothes gunmen forcing a man said to be Dr. Muganga into a type of van nicknamed “drone“, which is associated with abductions of government opponents.

Video Evidence: How Dr Muganga Was Arrested

Through their lawyers of Elgon Associated Advocates, the family had also demanded access to Dr. Muganga, who they say was humiliated during arrested.

“As the family, we are gravely disturbed these events and we want government to come and clearly and honestly explain why Dr. Muganga was arrested in such a humiliating manner in front of his staff, students and the public generally and for what crime, ” the family wrote in a news release on Friday.

The family has also slammed security forces over unconvincing reasons of arrest and wondering how a Ugandan national can overstay in his own Country.

The family says Dr. Muganga, one of the country’s top academics has a Ugandan national ID No. CM9603210KCCG.

“How does a Ugandan overstay in his own county. He has a Ugandan national ID card. The NIN is CM9603210KCCG,” the family said, adding that Muganga was born in Uganda and that his mother is still alive and in Uganda.

A military spokesperson Flavia Byekwaso had earlier said that Dr. Muganga had been arrested over illegal stay in the country.


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