Six State House Impersonators Arrested In Iganga

Police in Iganga has arrested six people for allegedly impersonating as officials from State House under their organisation, Tailoring Uganda.

The operation which was led by the deputy resident district commissioner [DRDC] Iganga, Namagogwe Hajjira, saw the alleged members of Tailoring Uganda Organisation, arrested from Nampirika B village, Nakalama Sub-county in Iganga district.

The suspects were identified as Kimera Yunus, a one Gorret and Rita, among others. They were taken to Iganga Central Police Station as investigations continue, according to Iganga’s deputy RDC.

Over 100 people majorly women were found at the rentals of a one Wakulu Jamadah on Tuesday, October 19, in Nampirika B.

They were reportedly ferried from different districts of Busoga sub region to train in technical activities like tailoring, among others.

The Deputy RDC Ms Namagogwe says that they used their intelligence to arrest the culprits. ”We were led by our intelligence team, and managed to arrest them,” she said.

Ms Namagogwe added that the said people didn’t introduce themselves anywhere at the district which is a requirement for any organisation before carrying out any activity in the district.

”These people didn’t report to my office nor did they report to any district office to get authorisation for any activity here, they are many in number which is even against government preventive measures in fighting Covid19 pandemic,” Namagogwe said.

Speaking to our reporter, the LC 1 Chairperson of the village, Matende Muzamiru says that these people were not known in the area and that he was not aware of their activities.

”I was surprised to see police and later they ambushed the rentals of Wakulu Jamadah and found many people inside and majority were women,” Mr Matende said adding that people should always be vigilant and avoid involving in any activity before seeking clarity from their local leaders.

One of the residents, Basoga Hakim said that security should continue intensifying their activities in different parts of the district to prevent the would be bad elements from conducting activities in the district without authorisation.

”I call upon security organs to be united and prevent such unofficial activities in the district since some criminals can use that gap in establishing their bad intentions,” Basoga said.

The alleged trainees dodged speaking to media before police ordered them to go back to their respective homes as they carry-on investigations.

The deputy, RDC Namagogwe Hajjira urged the general public to always report any suspected unlawful activity in their area which calls for security response.

”I want to advise you all that you should always report such people who carries out unofficial activities in your area. We have started investigations to establish the claims and intentions of these people,” Ms Namagogwe said adding that people should not involve in activities which are not official.


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