War On Terror: Ugandan Opposition Will Never Undermine Security Capacity To Maintain Nation’s Peace & Stability

The nation has been undergoing a state of anger and confusion for the past three days over the recent bomb explosions that have claimed the lives of at least 2 Ugandans.

One bomb went off on Saturday 23rd in Komamboga and another on Monday 25th on a bus. One of the bombs that went off has been claimed by IS [Islamic State] on Sunday 24th who say they were targeting government workers calling them crusaders.

Here is the question, how did IS carryout its attack without the help of the people of Uganda? Allow me to shed some light. The opposition has for a long time tried to undermine the security of Uganda in order to make the government seem weak and incompetent.

One example is the ADF, which has carried out numerous terror attacks using unpatriotic Ugandans who are all members of the opposition. Another example is the recent ‘Bijambiya’ incident that happened in Masaka district, these were committed by some opposition members who had pictures online posing with some of the culprits in these crimes carrying these ‘Bijambiya’.

It’s no different here. An eye witness places a gentleman wearing a NUP T-shirt at the scene of the Komamboga bombing, coincidence? I think not. If the IS did indeed bomb the area, then I assure you that some unpatriotic Ugandans had a hand in it.

Terrorist organizations will in most cases use citizens of the country to carry out these gruesome attacks because they easily blend in.

Another looming question is why the small attacks? Not to take away from the magnitude of the devastation caused but IS is well known for its incredibly big attacks, ie in Syria were drones of people were killed. The recent incidents show that improvised explosive devices were used to carry out these attacks, meaning limited or no resources.

If the IS wanted to carry out an attack using limited resources, guess who they’d have to use? Yes, the members who have ill feelings towards the government.

Joseph Senjonjo twitted ‘The world shouldn’t take #Uganda’s claim of an Islamic State terror attack at face value. The #Uganda regime is adept at manipulating world opinion by claiming terror attacks. Sometimes its agents are said to be the perpetrators as in the case of petrol’.

These are his claims but why would a government that’s big on security, whose main achievement has been security and peace want to compromise that?

It is because it’s not a correct narrative that the anti-government apologists are trying to push in order to, perhaps cover their tracks. Let us keep in mind that when these terrorist cells are recruiting they look at unpatriotic, unemployed youth who are usually antigovernment and politically motivated to bring harm to not only the government but the nation at large.

These crimes of terror that have been perpetuated show that these people have no love for their country men and women and would rather destabilize the nation for their hidden agenda.

Most this, is a money making opportunity and they don’t care about the wellbeing of the rest of the citizens. They have been funded by NGOs, and terrorists and care only about execution of their ‘funders’ duties who have their own political objectives in Uganda.
They look at the vulnerable, impoverished youth to carry out their selfish acts.

Ugandans especially the youth should love their country and be ‘your brother’s’ keeper. Be vigilant and aware of these criminals and if possible report suspicious characters to the authorities so as to prevent further bloodshed.


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