Victoria University Slaughters Helpless UG Celebs In “Endiba” Weekend Soccer Bonanza

Uganda’s leading private Victoria University Kampala has on Saturday October 30, 2021, humiliated helpless city celebrities with a 3-0 win in the “Endiba” weekend soccer bonanza friendly football match.

According to the organizers, the match was under the theme “Extending the message and essence of higher education to the general public,” and the match held at the Kampala Parents School playgrounds was contested between the VU soccer team captained by VC Dr. Lawrence Muganga and the Celebrities team led by Urban TV’s Miles Rwamiti.

The UG celebrities team featured renowned musicians, comedians, and media personalities who included; King Michael (in goal), Hannington Bugingo, Bajjo, Reign of the “Maulana & Reign” comedy duo, among others.

Miles Rwamiti with his team before the game

With a much-changed lineup in the second half on both sides, the UG celebrities’ team bossed the possession but could barely find a net until two late goals from Saddam Masereka (No. 13) and Herbert Madeni (No. 17) sealed the emphatic 3-0 for the hosts (Victoria University).

Speaking to journalists after the match, Miles Rwamiti, who captained the visitors expressed joy and gratitude to Victoria University for organizing such a get-together event that helps unite the public, university community, and the entertainment industry stakeholders.

“Today we came here to unite with fellow university students so that every time we meet, we get know each other more. Let’s be together, regardless of which media sector we fall to,” he urged journalists.

UG Celebrity Lineup

Reacting to the disappointing match result, Rwamiti acknowledged that the VU team outplayed them, but was quick to suggest that a rematch will be organized in two weeks’ time to find redemption and revenge against them.

Dr. Muganga triumphantly told journalists after the match how the event organized not only brings joy to the entire VU team but shows the public that University education is about transforming the lives of everyone regardless of the positions and titles they hold.

“We have to get closer to people since they are real consumers of the university education. What matters is the togetherness that we breed when we organize such events,” said Muganga

Jubilant Victoria University Squad

He explained that this is why the VU professors, lecturers, support staff, and students joined arms to form a strong team that came out victorious in the match held.

Dr. Muganga further explained that the soccer bonanza is one of the many avenues the University is adopting to bring the message of higher education closer to the media fraternity and the general public, who he says are the real consumers of the service



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