Filmed Rwandan Woman Arrested In Kisoro For Enjoying Road Side Sex


Police in Kisoro have arrested a woman suspected to be of Rwandan original who was filmed having road side affair with yet to be identified man.

Area authorities identified the suspect  as Colodine Muhawenimana Mukamulenzi a 24yrs ,a resident of Kisoro town.

The video which is currently trending on social media was filmed on early hours of rainy Tuesday morning.

The incident happened near Kisoro Central Pharmacy and Millennium house. Mukamulenzi is facing offenses of being a public nuisance.

Mukamurenzi says she always sells sex for shs 5000 the whole day. She also lamented that all her parents died and that life back home in Rwanda too difficult for her and would rather die in Uganda than going back home.

Muhawenimana together with a man whose identity has not yet been established can be seen leisurely walking up the road and then without warning, the two are literally humping away, in the middle of a busy road, with little or no care for who’s watching the show.

The video reveals, the two walking up the road chatting away while the lady is pushing the man’s bicycle. He then, slowly but very calculative pulls back to ensure he is walking right behind her.

Without warning, the man pulls the woman by her waist up close to his chest and with his other hand, removes his penis and attempts to lift her skirt in order to insert it.

The unresisting woman seemed to enjoy what was happening because she did not put up a fight. She held on tightly to the bicycle handles, bracing for impact, while this voyeur, crazy or brave man humped away.




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