Court Dustbins Petition Against FMU President Dipu Ruparelia

The High Court in Kampala presided over by Justice Musa Sekaana has trashed an appeal Jared Kalera seeking an injunction of the Federation of Motorsport in Uganda (FMU) Extraordinary Assembly slated for this weekend.

Southern Motor Club member Jared Kalera sued FMU President Dipu Ruparelia and Secretary Leilah Mayanja with the intention of challenging his suspension following his involvement in an illegal event weekend.

In his application, Kalera among others sought to have an injunction on the upcoming extraordinary assembly which the court did not find satisfying to grant.

However, in his ruling, Justice Sekaana said, Kalera’s appeal did not hold any strong grounds and therefore dismissed his application definitely.
“You are making it appear as a matter of life and death. What if FMU was right to suspend you? “You are voluntarily in the sport and you agreed to abide by the constitution. Should FMU activities stop because Kalera is suspended! What you are saying is that without Kalera there is no motorsport?” Justice Ssekaana questioned Kalera before throwing out his appeal.

The judge thereafter adjourned the case to 9th December 2021 before a final decision is made.

According to FMU President Dipu Ruparelia, the action places FMU in a strong position for future engagements.

“I think the sport has won and that is the most important thing. The judge looked into everything and asked all the right questions.

“This should be a precedent that you can not take motorsport matters to court because we have structures in the federation that can solve these,” said FMU president, Dipu Ruparelia.

With the court decision, the FMU extraordinary assembly will go on this Saturday, 6th November.

The assembly among others will fill the vacant seat of the Deputy Vice President Vintage, Touring, and Safety and also appoint the audit committee.


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