We’re Not Your Snoring Zone: Kenya Auctions 2 Somalis’ Aircrafts & 71 Others For Overstaying At Kenyatta Airport


East Africa’s Kenya has announced via its Airports Authority that it will auction 73 aircraft for prices as low as $44.93 due to overstaying at four of its airports which according to them-owners have snored enough.

According to an advert released by Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) they have already invited interested bidders for planes that have overstayed at their yards at the Jomo Kenyatta but also at Moi, Wilson and Lokichoggio airports without clear reasons.

The advert reads, “All interested purchasers are requested to view the items as per the dates and verify their respective details as these are not warranted by neither the auctioneer nor KAA as the items are being offered for sale ‘as is-where-is’.”

According to KAA, the owners of the aircraft lying uncollected at the airports are Somali Air force, Jetlink, Skyward, Eagle Aviation, Prestige Aviation, Fly540, Pan Africa Airways, and Planes for Africa among others.

Responding to what led to the decision, KAA said they realized that aircraft parking fees were accumulating and the companies were not paying the fees ‘which actually led to the airports being congested, and disrupting other activities.’

KAA announced that interested bidders can view the planes from November 4-16 during normal working hours. Auctions of aircraft at Nairobi airports (Jomo Kenyatta International and Wilson) will take place on November 17 while planes will be sold at Moi International Airport in Mombasa on November 19, and Lokichoggio on November 22.

The government agency disclosed that bidders will have to pay a deposit of Sh100,000 per item on auction and stated that where the bid price is lower than the deposit price, the bidder will be refunded the difference after presenting a receipt.

However, where the bid price is higher than the deposit, the bidder will need to pay not less than 25 percent of the total value.

“The balance of the auctioned item must be paid within 24 hours (or) the award will be cancelled and the deposit forfeited and the item sold to the second highest bidder. Sale will be subject to the reserve price,” another part of the advert said.

KAA gave an ultimatum that all purchased items are to be paid for and collected within seven days of the date of the auction. Failure to comply means, KAA will start charging storage fees until the items have been cleared. Failure to collect the items in 14 days will mean a permanent forfeiture to KAA.

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority is a state corporation of Kenya that is responsible for regulating the aviation industry in Kenya and for providing air navigation services in the Kenya flight region.


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