Op-ed: Poor Youth Support President Museveni Empathy To Empower Rights Of Peasants

By Ben Ssebuguzi

Kampala: If you read and analyse well President Museveni’s letter to CEC about land, you will realize that NRM is the only party that was founded on the principal and doctrine of empowering Ugandans at the grassroots level who the bakoopi (peasants).

The President used his benevolence and tenderness to remind the party honchos about their liberation doctrines of empowerment of bakopi (peasants) Probably, the President is aware that there are some people within the party who mistreat peasants which is contradictory to the party dogma.

Accordingly, the President, who is also the vision bearer of NRM, is trying to part everyone on the back to remind them that NRM is a popular party of a popular resistance which is the foundation of Ugandas economic and political achievement. I can also see the President sending a warning to people who cover in the party colours to displace the poor without any alternative or option, that they are going to face justice.

Our President’s stance on Mailo land owners who exploit the bakoopi,the fountain of honour is trying to expose how aristocracy inhibits inclusive growth which is against the underlying driver of NDP3 under Vision 2040, which plans to deliver Ugandans into middle income status for sustainable growth.

Given by the fact that Land is a crucial factor of production,in His letter, the President is telling technical people and policy makers to make sure that peasants can also enjoy permanent ownership of land through buying out landlords, if they are to make enduring investment. The President is also keenly aware that some banks despise land titled under mailo land tenure, which denies potential peasants from easy access of cheap capital to start business and create jobs for youths.

Consequently, point number 8 as enshrined in the 10 point program of the NRM emphasises settlement of peasants which the President is trying to uphold.

We implore all youths to support the Goodwill of the President

Ben Ssebuguzi is an entrepreneur, economist and Secretary General of
Uganda Poor youth movement.



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