Police Shot Dead Muslim Cleric Muhammad Kirevu

The police has confirmed that they killed Sheikh Muhammad Kirevu in Masajja, a Kampala suburb earlier today.

Addressing the press at the police headquarters in Naguru this evening, Fred Enanga, police spokesperson said Kirevu was killed as he tried to resist arrest.

Enanga said the joint security team had gone to arrest Kirevu after it got information that he was recruiting people to join the Allied Democratic Forces-ADF, a rebel movement based in the Democratic Republic of Congo which has been accused of being behind the recent spate of bombings in Kampala.

The police said some of the 21 suspects who have so far been arrested in relation to the twin bombings that exploded in Kampala on Tuesday, told them that it was Kirevu who was in charge of the Ntoroko cell of the ADF, and would coordinate recruitment in Uganda and the DRC.

Enanga said that when they went to arrest him basing on the information they had gathered about him, he attempted to resist arrest forcing the security to open fire on him.

He said although it’s not their policy to shoot and kill suspects, the public must understand that security is dealing with dangerous criminals who are not afraid of dying.

Flavia Bywekwaso, the spokesperson of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces said that security killed four alleged ADF terrorists in Ntoroko district who tried to sneak out of the country. She read out names of other people who she said were intercepted and arrested as they tried to also live the country for DRC.

These people include a one-month old baby. Byekwaso then asked the journalists to pay attention to the names she was reading because all of them were Muslim names yet all those arrested were putting on rosaries.

When asked to confirm whether she was saying that the only people who engage in terrorism in Uganda are Muslims, Byekwaso instead accused the journalist who had asked the question of misinterpreting her statement.

She also accused the media of always doubting the information that security gives them in relation to terrorism.


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