Wanted Ugandan LGBT Activist Muwazi Faces Deportation

There is no such a thing as Human rights when it comes to governments, they will do anything to secure deals and keep diplomatic ties.

A case in question is a Ugandan-born asylum seeker facing deportation to his place where homosexuality is punishable by life imprisonment.

It should be remembered that Kampala Sun, a Ugandan tabloid, has been following the popular case of Lawrence Muwazi, an activist of the LGBTQ community in Uganda who fled to Canada in 2013, considering that it was safe ground and would give him freedom.

However, little did Muwazi know that what he thought was his safe haven would turn into trap net that has turned his life into hell on earth.

According to our sources, Muwazi’s fleeing to Canada turned our to be an easy catch for the wanted man, who has since been issued with two court warrants, one in 2015 and another in 2021 by authorities in Uganda with intent to charge him for breaking the law.

In June, 2021, court issued another arrest warrant for a gay activist wanted Lawrence Muwazi

However, we have since established that Muwazi’s case comes at the height of diplomatic tensions between the government of Uganda and that of Canada.

This comes after intelligence leaking to the effect that the Canadian government wants part of the cake in the Uganda Oil and Gas industry but was denied an opportunity to partake in the same.

According to our sources, Canada requested Uganda to provide a travel document since Muwazi’s passport had expired.

The Canadian authorities assert that they are more than willing and to break the law to transport him, without following COVID-19 and Yellow Fever regulations, to deliver him to Uganda, which is against the new set transport regulations by the Canadian government, as of October 30th, 2021, which state that every traveler must been fully vaccinated against both diseases before being cleared to fly to another country.

The question that now remains is; does Canada, as a country practice what it preaches about rights for LGBTQ people?

Does Canada stand for human rights?

Our conclusion is that Governments can play dirty at whatever cost to secure deals and strengthen their diplomatic ties, no matter whether human rights are abused or not.

Muwazi is to arrive in Uganda on the 2nd of December, 2021 according to sources and he is set to leave Canada on the 30th of November 2021.

Homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and only last year the government was forced to oust a bill to introduce the death penalty for gays who were offenders.

The Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2014 was an act passed by the Parliament of Uganda on 20 December 2013, which prohibited sexual relations between persons of the same sex.


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