Exposed: NUP Leaders Resort To Hate Speech,Propaganda In Kayunga By-Election To Disorganize Voters

The leadership of the National Unity Platform ‘NUP’ has come under spotlight for resorting to hate speech and malicious propaganda to win hearts of the unsuspecting voters from Kayunga district.

While campaigning for NUP candidate for Kayunga LC 5 by-election Harriet Kafeero Nakweede, the party electoral commission chairman Fred Nyanzi made malicious claims where he said that it is president Museveni who is exploding bombs in Kampala to kill Ugandans.

The election wounded Nyanzi who miserably lost to Hon Mohammed Nserekko for Kampala Central MP also made weird allegations during a rally in Kangurumira that Museveni is also responsible for the infamous bijjambiya in the greater Masaka region.

Political observers believe NUP founded on the principle of verbal extremism and under the cover of veils of hatred and intolerance are employing this tactic to make voters in Kayunga to hate government and President Museveni.

“The malicious and outrageous claims by Nyanzi were very unfortunate
and unacceptable. NUP is not here to bring any new alternative idea
but only to black mail and cause hatred. Instead of telling the people
of Kayunga what new things they are planning for them, they are here
spreading lies and falsehoods” remarked an observer.

The Kayunga LC5 race has attracted six candidates including Andrew
Muwonge of the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM party, Harriet Nakwede of the National Unity Platform-NUP, Anthony Waddimba from the Democratic Party(DP), and independent candidates; Boniface Bandikubi,Majid Nyanzi and Jamil Kamoga. They are all seeking to replace Feffeka

Serubogo, who died just months after taking office.

According to residents, Nakweede formerly in FDC party is being bankrolled by Moses Karangwa of the National Resistance Movement. Nakweede has also been an NRM supporter and this time received shs 70m from Kalangwa through a one Tebandeke for election campaign.

Tebandeke who was very close to Ffefeka Serubogo helped Nakweede to
get NUP ticket against some of the family members of Serubogo who wanted to replace their fallen father but were denied party endorsement.


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