UPDF, FARDC Capture Notorious ADF’s Kambi Ya Yua Camp

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) mobile forces together with the FARDC assault force, have finally captured the much revered Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) /ISCAP camp, Kambi Ya Yua.

Kambi Ya Yua, a stronghold of ADF/ISCAP terrorists, seating on eight acres of Virunga forest land, is estimated to have accommodated over 600 ADF/ISCAP terrorists and their families.

“Early on 24th Dec 2021, UPDF mobile  forces together with FARDC assault force, finally captured the much revered ADF/ISCAP camp, Kambi Ya Yua,” the UPDF Spokesperson Flavia Byekwaso announced.

The camp was captured with limited enemy resistance and there was no effect on the joint forces.

This camp was a host to military training and Islamic radicalization activities as evidenced by the literature found, bomb making materials, 01 damaged Laptop computer, 129 live rounds of PK machine gun loaded in their chain, 155 live rounds of Sub machine gun ammunition, 03 solar panels and enemy strength registers.

The structures in the camp were well built with locally made fences; with many cleared under tree shades as seating areas, suggesting that it was likely to be a Command Post of a high ranking rebel leader.

UPDF engineers are working around the clock searching for possible improvised explosives, bunkers and to acquire more clues about the terrorists.

Lt Col Mbayo Katuta, the FARDC Assault Brigade Commander, who is commanding the ground forces in the jungles of Virunga forest said “We want to put ADF and other bandits on tenterhooks, with no breathing space, always on the run, block their supply chains. They will die of hunger in the forest. Soon you will see many surrendering when the situation gets unbearable.”

Col James Kasule, the UPDF 111 Mountain Brigade Commander said capturing this camp is a big mile stone because the enemy was using this same camp to launch terror attacks against both Ugandans and Congolese.

The joint operations for the eradication of Allied Democratic Forces/Madinat Tawaheed Mujahideen/Islamic State in Central African province, started three weeks ago when the combined UPDF Air Force and artillery shelled Kambi Ya Yua, Tondoli, Belu1 and Belu2 which are found in North Kivu province in Virunga and Ituri impenetrable forests of Eastern DRC.


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