Speke’s Equestrian Centre: Your Perfect Chill Plan For a Weekend Getaway

Are you looking for a perfect destination to spice up up your weekend? Speke Equestrian Centre in Munyonyo for horse riding, hacking, pony rides for children, horse riding lessons, kids’ Pony Camp is here to fit your chill plan.

If you only wish you could ever enjoy a better weekend in life than before, just make your dream come true by spending weekends at Speke Resort Munyonyo. At Speke’s Equestrian center, you enjoy taking rides on the beautifully manned horses; taking boomerang videos with the wavy water hitting back and forth.

In a price list released by the five-star hotel, Speke Munyonyo has slashed the fees for one to take a horse ride with a pony ride for 20 minutes reduced to just shs 30,000 (for children) while a full hour (60 minutes) rack (for experienced riders) will cost you just shs 50,000.

The Equestrian Center has also unveiled new rates for private and group lessons that offer good value for money starting from as low as shs 50,000 each individual for 30 minutes and shs 80,000 per rider for 45 minutes each. The new rates are as seen in the promo flyer above;

In an exclusive interview with one of the staff at the Speke Equestrian Centre, he explained that they currently have nine ponies and five large horses suitable for adults. They are expecting to acquire another four horses over the coming months.

Have you heard about the Kid’s Pony Camp at Speke Equestrian Centre?

The Pony Camp at Speke Equestrian Centre is a two-day event training kids on how to ride ponies. Children between the ages of 4 and 17 are invited to enroll for the monthly Pony Camp that’s been taking place at Speke Resort Munyonyo since 2015.

Children on a pony ride at Speke’s Equestrian Center, Munyonyo

You can’t beat the feeling of space you have by the lake which is why, if you’re looking for a new hobby or a day out, I highly recommend some time out at Speke Resort, Munyonyo – ideally on a horse at the Equestrian Centre

In addition to the horses and equestrian facilities, the centre also has a bar where parents and friends can meet for a drink while Little Johnny is learning to ride.

Have you checked out Speke Resort recently?

Not only is it well-equipped for conferences and large meetings, but Speke also has a range of weekend activities. On Sunday afternoons at Speke Resort from around 3 PM, you can enjoy a DJ and live band while Saturdays are frequently busy with scientific weddings and in-house wedding parties.

Discover more information about the Speke Equestrian Center at Munyonyo by visiting their website on http://www.spekeresort.com/leisure/equestrian-centre or contact the management on tel: +256-752-711-714 or +256-414-227-111.


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