Masrcorp Institutional Solar Aided Stoves Helping Schools Cut Down Costs & Avail Solution For Climatic Change Problems

As the world battles with global warming and other hazards that result from climatic change, a team of Ugandan innovators under their umbrella body Masrcorp, have developed solar aided stoves that are not only aimed at fighting deforestation but are also pocket-friendly.

The Masrcorp solar aided stoves, according to the team that builds them, aim at reducing the use of charcoal and firewood for cooking, which in turn will reduce deforestation.

It should be noted that millions of trees are cut down every day to produce fire and charcoal but with the use of solar aided stoves that will cease to happen, because these stoves reduce firewood use by 75%.

Although there are domestic versions of these stoves, the Masrcorp stoves are mainly built for institutional use since they have capacity to fire boilers that cook large quantities of food.

Some of Masrcorp’s solar aided stoves

Currently, these stoves are the most efficient institutional improved cooking stoves for schools, hotels, prisons and other institutions on the market because of the following advantages:

Smokeless They are carefully designed to improves the indoor air quality through reducing the prevalence of respiratory diseases in the kitchens.

Save Money: The stoves reduce firewood consumption by around 75%, representing significant financial savings of more than Shs3M per year.

Perfect for the EnvironmentThe firewood savings from a single stove will result in a reduction of approximately 80 tons of CO2 per year, thereby helping to mitigate the global climate crisis.

Masrcorp’s solar aided stoves

Clean and Cooks Fast Built with state of the art air flow system, the Masrcorp stoves cook fast or as desired. They are easy to clean and keep the general kitchen tidy

Located in the heart of Kampala at Sserwanga Musoke Road, next to Kira Magistrate Court, along Kyaliwajala Road, Masrcorp Solar Uganda manufacturers of solar powered cookers, stoves, water heaters, water pumps and other equipment, say the new technology is built to operate in modern communities, with reduced pollution.


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