Mp Nambooze Boycotts NUP Summit Called By Bobiwine In Busabala

Mukono Woman Member of Parliament Betty Bakireke Nambooze boycotted a
working summit of the National Unity Platform convened by party President Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine at his one Love Beach in Busabala.

The two days working summit was attended by the NUP Top most leadership and boycotted by a few MPs like Hon. Betty Nambooze and others where a number of questions, allegations and disappointments
remained unresolved.

Bobi Wine began his remarks by angrily alleging that NUP MPs had intentionally forgotten the National Unity Platform Agenda to fight
Museveni on the flow of the 11th Parliament and juxtapositioning it with selfish interests.

Too much time was spent on discussing the laziness and to what
Kyagulanyi termed as betrayal of the struggle to defeat Museveni by
the MPs.To whom and a few, Kyagulanyi irrationally noted that they had turned to bed and as errand boys to the State at the cost of the struggle.

And that he had identified and observed some MPs he referred to as Musevenis spies in the party and that they were yet to dismiss  the them from the party thereby also losing their seats as MPs.

He said that these have sabotaged and wasted the planning and strategy meetings of the party.

Among other concerns raised, Bobi wine blamed Nambooze and other NUP
MPs for claiming to be too busy to the extent of boycotting NUP activities like pressers and planning meetings.
Kyagulanyi noted that the behaviors of Nambooze and others this shows
disrespect to the party.

He further informed Nambooze and her group that many of them were
nowhere if it hadn’t been for the Umbrella.

He warned they should be careful because he holds the capacity to
either make them or destroy them whereby he could even recall them
from parliament to either go back to being house wives or father’s to
their children.


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