Three Arrested For Allegedly Killing A 50-Year-Old

Police with sister security agencies have arrested three people for allegedly killing a 50-year-old Mwanika Yokolamu a resident of Kadama village, Kadama town council in Kibuku district.

According to Police, suspects are Ibrahim Mbulalina, the LC I chairperson of Kadama village, and two others whose identities have been withheld. Police picked up the trio on Saturday for their alleged involvement in the mob action that claimed the life of Yokolamu on suspicion of witchcraft practices.

Prosecution alleges that unidentified people maliciously torched the deceased’s home and properties on suspicion that he was practicing witchcraft and killing people in the area, prompting him to flee for his dear life. He sneaked back into the village but was seen by some people who assaulted him to death.

Meanwhile, Immaculate Alaso, the Bukedi North Police Spokesperson said that mob members later dumped the deceased’s body in the nearby cassava plantation belonging to John Moding where police recovered it. She says that their investigations led to the LC I Chairperson who was arrested together with two other people.

RDC Kibuku attributed the upsurge of the mob justice to absence of the Magistrate at The Kibuku Grade One Magistrate’s Court.

‘’People are now disgusted with the justice system because whenever the thief is arrested taken to court he/she is given the bail out, but nonetheless we shall continue to sensitize them to stop taking the law into their hands’’ the RDC said.

The RDC further stressed that there’s need to ban the use of canine in the district saying most people now take it as final judge to pin the suspects.


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