Two Suspects Arrested In Connection With Mukono Supermarket Armed Robbery 

Police have confirmed the arrest of two suspects in connection to the armed robbery at Spice supermarket at the junction of Kampala-Jinja-Bugerere road in Mukono municipality.

Three robbers armed with an AK47 raided the supermarket on Friday evening where they shot a cashier identified as Irene Nakandi in the back and took off with an unspecified amount of money.

She was rushed to Namirembe hospital in Mukono, which referred her to Nsambya hospital where he is hospitalized. On Monday afternoon, Police spokesperson Fred Enanga confirmed the arrest of two suspects connected to the robbery.

He identified the suspects are William Mugalu 24, and Sam Mbogo 23, both residents of Nasuuti in Mukono municipality. The suspects are in custody at Mukono police division headquarters. According to Enanga, the suspects were identified by residents who had earlier seen them at a bar close to the supermarket.

A source at the Mukono police division headquarters said on condition of anonymity that the two suspects were arrested on grounds that they have been involved in similar robberies before. He notes that the suspects are going to help them with the necessary information to trace the real suspects connected to the robbery.

According to the video footage recorded by CCTV at the supermarket, two armed men wearing hooded jackets and facemasks are seen shooting the cashier for resisting packing the money into their bag. The robbers also held customers at gunpoint but they didn’t injure them.


Much as the third robber doesn’t appear clearly in the video clip, John Ssempaka, an eyewitness says that the third person remained at the entry of the supermarket carrying a gun waiting to protect his colleagues against any outside attack.

“They must have studied the situation before launching their expedition. They knew what they were doing depending on the way they disarmed the security guard and how they took positions,” Ssempaka notes.

According to police preliminary investigations, the suspects knew the routine of the supermarket, which helped them to attack at the time the security guard was busy aiding customers to load their merchandise into vehicles.


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