VIDEO: English Skills Progress; Here Is How Kampala Parents School Has Trained Fresh Kid

Toddler singer Patrick Ssenyonjo alias Fresh Kid is progressing well with his studies at Kampala Parents School and in the process he has since abandoned the dominant Luganda for English where he’s steadily becoming fluent.

Fresh was at one point banned from performing being the under age child he is by a Government Minister who later rescinded her position due to backlash from all sorts of sources.

Starting with social media where everyone holds a serious opinion on everything, the Minister was blasted and some crafty politicians who know how to ride the wave and joined the fray also got their mileage from this in the media quickly.

Luck keeps following him though as a few days later he was offered a scholarship to Kampala Parents School, however the naysayers were back again saying he can’t speak enough fluent English to fit in Kampala Parents and will distract other children being the star he is!

Fresh Kid, who was recently sworn-in as the Games Prefect at Kampala Parents School, now speaks fluent English compared to when he had just joined the school.

He has also exhibited great signs of confidence as he replies to questions fielded to him.

At recent interview, Fresh Kid said that this is because he has learnt new languages at school and made friends who speak the same.


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