‘We Dont Take Kindly To Arrogance’, Museveni Blasts EU Parliament


President Yoweri Museveni has again scoffed at the European Union Parliament for passing a resolution to halt the East African Oil Pipeline project- EACOP, slated to kick off by 2025.

334 Legislators from the EU Parliament recently voted to halt  project for one year and find alternative roots over the human rights violations and and environmental concerns.

During the seventh Uganda Oil and Gas Conference held in Kampala on Tuesday, the President accused the EU legislators of portraying shallow minded arguments and egocentric attributes.

He further stated that Uganda will not ingest that arrogance but instead proceed follow course with the project.

“Now for the European union, some of these people are insufferable, you need to control yourself not to explode, so shallow, so ego-centric,so wrong, and they think they know everything and they broadcast their ignorance all over the place, this is a wrong battle ground for them. We don’t take kindly to arrogance.” he said

Officials pose for a photo with President Museveni at the seventh Uganda Oil and Gas Conference in Kampala

The president allayed fears that the the EU resolution would impede plans to have the pipeline up and running for commercial oil production by 2025. He asked the European Parliament to stay away from Uganda’s oil industry and learn to be tolerant of other people.

“The plan will be implemented according to schedule,and I hope that our partners join us and advise. When you go to this parliament, these are just young girls. You are lecturing me what to do in Uganda you young girl, “he added

Gas, he said would help Uganda’s movement toward green energy. Museveni also said was in support of the green movement to prevent further deterioration of the environment, but that the west must do more on climate change because they have done more damage to the environment.

Officials at the seventh Uganda Oil and Gas Conference in Kampala

Speaking at the same conference, energy, Minister Ruth Nankabirwa emphasised that Uganda’s government’s commitment to go green but said the country needed to attain a certain level of development before abandoning some forms of production.

She invited other oil investors to enter the deal as the government is due to launch the third round of licensing next year, targeting exploration areas this time in the East of the country.

The 1400kmEast African Crude Oil Pipeline project is largely funded by France based Total Energies, Uganda National Oil Company, UNOC, and Petroleum Authority of Uganda.

The Fourteen-Trillion-Shilling East African Crude Pipeline project runs from Kabaale, Hoima district in Uganda to the Chongoleani Peninsula near Tanga Port in Tanzania. 80% of the pipeline is in Tanzania.


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